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Private residence - London 05

Vertical Garden Specialist.

With over three decades of experience in landscape design and a passion cultivated since childhood, I began my journey in the UK, propagating hardy outdoor plants on my father’s nursery at the age of 10. The lessons learned during my formative years laid the foundation for a career dedicated to bringing gardens closer to homes.
At 18, armed with a £1000 loan from my Grandparents, I founded my own company, embarking on a journey that has seen the completion of over 1100 landscape design and build projects. A move to Sweden in 2007 marked a new chapter, where a chance encounter with the innovative work of Parisian Patrick Blanc sparked my interest in vertical gardening.
Driven by a desire to merge design and greenery, I embraced Blanc’s technique, transforming various spaces, from the Athenaeum Hotel on Piccadilly to the indoor oasis of the Skyteam Lounge at Heathrow Airport. My commitment to diversity and eco-friendly practices became evident as I explored the possibilities of vertical gardens both indoors and outdoors.
As the interest in my vertical gardens grew, I found a perfect niche in creating green havens within homes, offices, hotels, airports, shopping malls. I have discovered the joy and emotional resonance that a garden can bring into our daily lives. The process is streamlined, lightweight, and low-tech, making it accessible for a variety of spaces which includes challenging climates in Scandinavia and Asia.
My philosophy revolves around shunning straight lines and embracing diversity, both in design and plant selection. By incorporating recycled materials and avoiding compost and major manufacturing, I believe we embark on a sustainable journey in creating vibrant vertical gardens. Join me in bringing the garden into your living space, fostering a connection with nature that transcends traditional boundaries.
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